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Steps to create a BGA game

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Here's a summary of the different steps you would follow when developing a game with BGA Studio.

Step How to reach this ste?p What happened during the step?
Initial How to join BGA developer team? You discuss with us to choose your game
Assigned You choosed a game You can start the development of the game
Pre-alpha You've started to write some piece of code You develop the game. During this phase, we can assist you with the framework and give you some pieces of advice.
Alpha You tell us that your development is finished The game is incorporate in BGA global "package", and is published on BGA preproduction server. We are reviewing the game on our side and with you, and help you to finalize some details to polish the game.
Private beta We give a "go" On preproduction platform, the publisher, the designer, we and you can test the game together and separately. We help you to take into account remarks from the publisher and the designer.
Public beta The adaptation is approved by the publiher We find together a good launch date for the game, we announce the game on BGA news, and then player can start to play! During the first days, it is common that some bugs are reported by players, and you can fix them following the instructions in Post-release phase.
Gold The game is stable on BGA Congrats! You can still modify and optimize things following the instructions in Post-release phase.