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  • [[Category:Card games]] …Hagalaz cards may be played instead, regardless if the player has a suited card to play (see their effects below).
    3キロバイト (384 語) - 2022年4月27日 (水) 12:19
  • Stock is very flexible and is the most used component in BGA games. …ameters of the "create" method, we provide the width/height of an item (=a card), and the container div "myhand" - which is a simple void "div" element def
    13キロバイト (2,135 語) - 2013年4月8日 (月) 14:33
  • [[Category:Card games]]
    7キロバイト (61 語) - 2022年1月13日 (木) 02:41
  • …y it upon arrival. It can be used for example to move a victory token or a card from the board to the player panel to show that the player earns it, then… …pened on the game before jumping to the next notification. Indeed, in many games, they are a lot of automatic actions, and the computer is going to resolve
    33キロバイト (5,008 語) - 2013年6月30日 (日) 15:35
  • …them. So help out and write one for them by creating a new page for these games. To do so simply click on them below, this wil direct you to a page creatio …nzacardgame BGAのページ]][[ BGGのページ]]
    168キロバイト (13,693 語) - 2023年9月24日 (日) 18:19