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XOO_ → XOOX → X__X





  • 9x9
  • 13x13
  • 15x15
  • 19x19




  • 2人プレイ・多人数のチーム戦:石を5個並べる
  • 多人数の個人戦:石を4個並べる


  • 勝利: 石を5個(4個)並べることに加えて、6個(多人数の個人戦では5個)以上の並べることでも勝利します。
  • 禁止: 6個以上の石が並ぶようには配置できません。

With self-capture rule self-capture moves cannot be a forbidden move, since a self-capture move cannot create an overline by its nature.


  • 有効:石を5個(多人数の個人戦では4個)並べるだけでなく、石を10個(多人数の個人戦では8個)以上捕ると勝負がつきます。3個捕獲のバリアントでは、15個(多人数の個人戦では12個)以上の石を捕ると勝負がつきます。
  • 無効:捕獲による勝利はありません。2人プレイ限定。



  • なし:開局規定なしにゲームが始まります。
  • プロ
- 先手の1手目は盤の中央に打たなければなりません。
- 後手の2手目は盤上どこにでも打てます。
- 先手の3手目は1手目の石から最低3目以上離して打たなければなりません。
  • ロングプロ
- 先手の1手目は盤の中央に打たなければなりません。
- 後手の2手目は盤上どこにでも打てます。
- 先手の3手目は1手目の石から最低4目以上離して打たなければなりません。
  • スワップ
- 仮先が白2個、黒2個の計4個の石を盤上の好きな目に打ちます。
- 仮後は黒番か白番かを選択します。
- ここからは通常のプレイとなり、白番が5手目の石を打ちます。
  • スワップ2
- 仮先が黒2個、白1個の計3個の石を盤上の好きな目に打ちます。
- 仮後には3つの選択肢があります:
  1. 白番を選び、4手目を打つ
  2. 黒番を選ぶ
  3. 黒1個、白1個の計2個の石を打つ。その後、仮先が黒番が白番か選びます。


  • 有効:プレイヤーは2つ並んだ石だけでなく、3つ並んだ石も捕獲できます。それにともない、捕獲勝利に必要な石の数が変更されます。
  • 無効: プレイヤーは2つ並んだ石のみを捕獲できます。


  • 無効:何も起こりません。
  • 自殺手:以下のようになります。捕獲された石はXのプレイヤーが獲得します。

XO_X → XOOX → X__X

  • 着手禁止:自殺手となる場所に石を置くことはできません。


  • 無効:ゲーム終了条件が満たされると、ゲームはすぐに終了します。
  • Break the line:列によってゲームが終了しようとしているとき、次のプレーヤーがラインを破り、相手の勝利を防ぐことができる限り、ゲームは続行できます。
  • Capture the entire line:列によってゲームが終了しようとしているとき、次のプレーヤーが勝利条件の列全体をキャプチャし、相手の勝利を防ぐことができる限り、ゲームは続行できます。


  • 有効:プレイヤーは同じ色だけでなく、異なる色の石を捕獲することもできます。
  • 無効:プレイヤーは同じ色の石のみを捕獲できます。


  • 有効:2人1チームで戦います。プレイヤーはチームメイトの石を捕ることができます、が、得点にはなりません。
  • 無効:個人戦


FAQ on variant options

Since various options can be combined with each other, here is an FAQ section to clarify rules implemented on BGA.


'Overlines allowed but do not win' option is removed, since it may lead the game into too many edge cases.

For example, when overline win is not allowed a game may end as a draw or even a defeat for the turn player.

If a player captures a stone at the end of the opponent's overline and creates a winning line, then the opponent fulfills the winning condition and can win the game.


Putting a black stone on red circled intersection captures the end of White's overline, thus making a winning line for each player and the game will be drawn.

If there were no black 5 in a row, White would have won instead.

Self-capture position

These rules apply to even teammate's self-captures, so be extra careful in team games with self-capture!


When inserting stone in self-capture position is forbidden, forbidden move rule takes precedence over capture or win.


In this case, White cannot place stone on red circled intersection even the placement would capture 2 black stones.

This applies even if the placement would reach needed score to win the game or create a winning line.

In other words, that intersection is essentially 'locked' for White.


Capture three and mixed capture rules are applied to not only normal captures, but also to self-captures.

This makes things much more complex in multiplayer games.


When Red puts a stone on the red circled center while capture three is on, 2 normal captures and 3 self-captures will trigger at the same time.

As a result more than 1 player can lay claim to captured stones except left green stone and right yellow stone, which will be captured by Red.

So, who should take the other stones then?

In current implementation, the contested stones are destroyed into pieces.

In other words, no one scores for those stones and they simply vanish.

Also, self-capture occurs before game end check. Thus, a player cannot create a winning line with a self-capture move.

Overtime capture

Overtime capture is only possible when the next player can prevent another player winning the game by alignment.

Overtime (Line break)

Currently, the implementation continues the game when a player aligns 5 or more stones in a row regardless of the situation (unless a player achieves capture win).

Then, the next player must capture (or trigger self-capture, in multiplayer mixed capture + self-capture games) and break all winning lines on the board, or pass the turn and resign.

Reducing overlines into 5 stones in a row is not considered as a legal line break, since 5 in a row still wins the game.

Overtime line break follows table's capture rule settings, unlike overtime line capture which is a special capture rule.

Overtime (Line capture)

A player may not perform overtime line capture when:

  • Another player achieved capture win
  • Another player created multiple winning lines
  • 2 or more other players satisfied winning condition at the same time
  • Both sides of the only winning line are blocked, or open
  • The only winning line is blocked on one side but not by the next player's stone, so the next player cannot capture the winning line (in multiplayer games)

Overtime capture is only possible at the next player's turn.

So, inserting a winning line between 2 stones of the next player triggers neither self-capture nor overtime turn when self-capture rule is enabled.

No tiebreaker

Tiebreaker is not implemented. Every player meeting the winning condition shares the victory.