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2015年1月30日 (金) 02:10時点におけるNorthpia7 (トーク | 投稿記録)による版
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  1. カード選択Card Selection
    1. 1.各プレーヤーは手札からプレイカードを3枚選びます.
    2. 2.全プレーヤーが同時にカードを公開します.

  2. リスクトークン
    1. 1.移動ポイントの合計が最も高い値のプレーヤーはリスクトークンをとります. 同率の場合は誰もリスクトークンをとりません.
    2. 2.必要数のリスクトークンを表に向けます.

  3. アクションフェイズ
    1. 1.カード(緑:移動力)をプレイして登山家を移動させる.
    2. Placing a tent costs the same as the cost to enter that space.
    3. Players increase their climbers' acclimatization level using their played (blue) cards.
    4. The player with a risk token must suffer the consequences and reduce their movement by that amount.
    5. Each climber's newly gained victory points are marked on the victory point track.
    6. Note the influence of weather on movement (only in winter weather)!.

  4. 順応値チェック
    1. Add/subtract acclimatization according to each climber's current space.
    2. A tent adds +1 to acclimatization.
    3. Subtract acclimatization resulting from the current weather, if in the affected altitude zone.
    4. If acclimatization exceeds 6, it is reduced back to 6.
    5. If acclimatization drops below 1, the climber dies and losing any VP gained.

  5. ターン終了
    1. The starting player marker passes to the left.
    2. The weather marker moves to the next space.
    3. Draw 3 cards to have 6 again.