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Meld bonuses are awarded when a meld reaches seven cards in length, and is denoted in the BGA version of the game by displaying the meld sideways.
Meld bonuses are awarded when a meld reaches seven cards in length, and is denoted in the BGA version of the game by displaying the meld sideways.

==Order of play==
The player to the left of the dealer begins play.  Each player's turn includes the following steps:
* Play and replace any red 3s in the hand
* Either draw two cards (playing and replacing drawn red 3s if necessary), or take the discard
* Optionally create new melds for the team, or play cards to existing team melds, assuming ''opening criteria'' are met
* If still holding cards, discard one



2022年1月13日 (木) 02:08時点における版


ジョーカー(ワイルド) 50
2(ワイルド) 20
A 20
K-8 10
7-4 5
黒5 -5
赤5 100
クリーンパイル 500
ダーティパイル 300
ワイルドパイル 1500
ゴーイングアウト(上がり) 100



Hand and Foot is a traditional card game for 2 or more players, acting either individually or in teams. It uses a large number of card decks (typically one or two more than the number of players), and is a rummy-style meld-building game based on Canasta.






Game objective

The objective of the game is to create melds consisting of 3-7 (or sometimes more, depending on house rules) cards of the same rank, possibly including wild cards. Wild cards are deuces and jokers. Melds of seven cards (or more) are considered to be complete, and may be referred to as books; bonuses are awarded for these melds. Melds with less than 7 cards are considered open. A book with no wild cards is considered clean or red, and will score a higher bonus than a dirty or black book, which has at least one wild card. If the house rules allow or require, a meld of all wild cards may be formed, which will score an even higher bonus than clean books. Melds are depicted in the BGA version of the game by red cards with blue borders if they are clean, black cards with brown borders if they are dirty, and jokers bordered by gold cards if they are wild.

A team must reach a predetermined contract before a round can be ended. The contract is typically for a set number of clean, dirty, and wild books, and is the same for each team and each round of play. A common contract for teams of two is two each clean and dirty books, and one wild book.

At the end of each round, a scoring summary is displayed, showing how each team made its points in the round. At the end of the game, the report includes all of the game rounds.

Scoring and card valuation

Cards played on the board are scored for the team, while those left in the hand (and foot) are scored against the team.

Going out and meld completion bonuses

The team that goes out to end a round of play is awarded 100 points for doing so. If the draw pile is exhausted, the round ends and no team gets this bonus.

Meld bonuses are awarded when a meld reaches seven cards in length, and is denoted in the BGA version of the game by displaying the meld sideways.



  • 手札から赤3をプレイ
  • カード2枚を引く/捨て札7枚を取る
  • 新しいメルドを作成したり、既存のメルドにカードを追加(レイオフ)したりする
  • (まだ手札が残っていれば)1枚捨てる




最初のメルドを作るためには、そのメルドの得点または複数のメルドの合計得点が次の得点以上でなくてはなりません。 ラウンド1,2,3,4,5以降︰50,90,120,150,150点
赤3やパイルの得点はカウントしません。 例えば、5を7枚出してクリーンパイルを完成させると、35点に加えて500点のボーナスを獲得しますが、最初のメルドとしては不十分です。








Playing cards to the board consists of selecting a group of matching cards (all of the same rank with optional wild cards), and clicking on either the "New Meld" panel or the meld of the given rank on the team's meld board. If melds are limited in size, you will not be allowed to make a meld have more than seven cards.

You can have only one meld of a given rank open at any time. In order to create a meld, you must have at least three cards to play to it. You must always have more non-wild than wild cards in a meld, and common house rules limit the number of wild cards in a completed meld to either 2 or 3. The BGA version of the game enforces this by a "ratio rule", requiring a certain percentage of the cards in a meld at any given time to be non-wild.

The card plays you make (other than the required play of red 3s) are not shown to other players until one of several actions take place. These actions include:

  • Discarding to end your turn
  • Playing out, either to end the round or to run to your foot
  • Taking extra discards

It is possible to undo moves up the last instance of one of these in your turn. This may become necessary for three reasons. First, if you attempt to open, but do not have sufficient points to make the opening criteria, you must undo your moves and make a discard instead. Second, you cannot play the last card from your foot unless your team has made the contracted melds. The game will not allow you to play out, so you must undo your moves. Third, if the game rules require you to discard the last card from your foot, you will not be allowed to play it. If you do not have the contract, you will also not be allowed to discard it. In the latter two cases, you may be able to repeat some of the undone moves, but you must be able to make a valid discard to end your turn.