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注意1:石は5つぴったりでないといけません。6つ以上つなげた場合は無効です。 注意2:3×3(三三)は禁じ手ではありません。


In Gomoku+ (also named Caro) in order to win your row of five stones must be free at both ends.

This balances the game differently and gives more defensive power to the white player.


Black always play first.

With the 'standard' (free) opening, black has got a distinct advantage over white who is directly put 'under attack'.

The 'tournament' opening aims to even the odds between the black and white players:

  • black lays the first stone at the center of the board
  • white lays the second stone in one of the spaces adjoining to the center of the board (horizontally, vertically or diagonally)
  • black lays the third stone at least three spaces away from the center of the board.