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Board Game Arena's main goal is to promote board games to a large audience. This is the reason why the service is free for everyone, and meant to stay that way.

As you can imagine, though, this website needs a lot of time and some money to keep things running smoothly. Some players are helping us with contributions or through donations. This website can exist only because of the help from these players, and to thank them we make them members of the "Board Game Arena Club".

How can I become a club member ?

The three main ways to become a club member are:

Donate 20€

(1 year club membership)

Donate 11€

(6 months club membership)

Donate 4€

(2 months club membership)

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Why should I join the club ?

The main reason you should join the club is to support this website. Also, as a token of appreciation for their support, we give to club members an access to some statistics: ELO ranking of all members including yours (instead of ), games statistics and specific player statistics for each game.

Why can't you just have a standard donation system where I can choose any money amount ?

With this "club" system, we try to highlight players who supported this website recently or do so on a regular basis. Depending on the amount of your donation, you are a member of the club for a given period of time.

Many websites are using a more classical approach with a simple "donation box". By experience, we know that these websites rely on just a few generous users. Board Game Arena chooses to set 3 fixed amounts for donations in order to rely on a bigger number of small donors.

Is it mandatory to join the club ?

Of course not.

You can play for free without any limitation even if you are not a member of the club: Board Game Arena is a free service. Statistics are just an extra : you don't need statistics to play and have fun, don't you ? As a matter of fact, most players are not club members.

What is a beginner account ?

When you join Board Game Arena, your get a "beginner account" () for 30 days. This beginner account allow you to view your own ELO ranking () for each game. After 30 days, your account becomes a standard non member account ().

What becomes of the money ?

Board Game Arena service is managed by a semi-professional team who needs money to make it run (in particular: hosting cost).

Player donations are used to develop this website (new features, new games), to make it run (hosting, maintenance), to build the player community (events)...

A big "thank you" to all members of the Board Game Arena Club whose contributions allow this website to exist for the enjoyment of everyone !